podcast – systems

E15: Dr Margaret Wheatley and Civilisation Collapse

“When people’s minds don’t change through information, they change through violence” Dr Margaret Wheatley is an author, systems theorist and management consultant. Her approach includes theories of change, chaos theory, leadership and organisational culture. She received her PhD from Harvard […]

E11: Sarah Adler-Milstein and Sweat Shops

Sarah Adler-Milstein is a labor advocate and author of Sewing Hope: How One Factory Challenges the Apparel Industry’s Sweatshops. We dive into the revolutionary model of Alta Gracia, the world’s first and only apparel factory paying its workers a living wage. […]

E5: Dr Nathan Walworth and Climate Change

“The creation of technology is under the assumption that we ourselves are not going to evolve ideologically” Dr Nathan Walworth is a climate scientist at the University of Southern California, where he focuses on the evolutionary implications of climate change. […]

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