| 25/01/18 | Written by Joshua Fields

E10: Dr Matt Segall on Philosophy and Consciousness

Dr Matt Segall is on the teaching faculty for the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness program at the California Institute of Integral Studies. His academic interests centre around German Idealism and process philosophy.

In this episode, we deconstruct some of the fundamental philosophies of society, namely materialism and neo-Darwinism. We also take a dive into the nature of consciousness, quantum mechanics and how society will change as we begin to integrate a new philosophical paradigm.

Some of Matt’s work, including videos, podcasts and blogs, can be found here: 

For similar content, see The Pathology of Western thought. In this article, I show that the fundamental assumptions that we hold to be true – about knowledge and about reality itself – have profound implications for how we conduct ourselves, how we treat others, and how our systems and our institutions have been formed.

2:05 – Matt’s journey into spirituality
5:00 – Why is philosophical inquiry important?
7:30 – What facets of Western philosophy are no longer serving us?
8:25 – The history of materialism
12:15 – The impact of materialism
15:00 – Quantum physics and its implications
18:15 – Neo-darwinism
20:00 – Adam Smith and economics
22:00 – Natural vs sexual selection
26:30 – Implications of philosophy for the world
29:40 – Education institutions
31:00 – Where is the new paradigm going?
36:50 – How our species is evolving
40:30 – What is consciousness?
43:30 – Collective consciousness
47:55 – Where is consciousness going, and insight into beauty and pain
51:45 – Eternity and time
53:15 – What intervention to make the world better, what would it be?
54:20 – What happens when you die?
55:45 – One book Matt would recommend


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