| 02/03/18 | Written by Joshua Fields

E11: Sarah Adler-Milstein and Sweat Shops

Sarah Adler-Milstein is a labor advocate and author of Sewing Hope: How One Factory Challenges the Apparel Industry’s Sweatshops.

We dive into the revolutionary model of Alta Gracia, the world’s first and only apparel factory paying its workers a living wage. Alta Gracia has received widespread press of late, including this Atlantic article.

We discuss why Alta Gracia was founded, how its model works, and some of its successes and challenges. If you’re interested in hearing how companies can pay their workers more and increase business performance, then check out this episode.

1:20 – How Sarah got into the world of sweat shops
5:30 – State of global apparel supply chains
7:40 – How does Alta Gracia work?
17:15 – How do we change the behaviour of large corporations?
21:00 – How to bring consumers closer to reality of supply chain
27:30 – Impact of technology on low-wage workers
31:45 – Why aren’t corporations changing to this model?
40:00 – What Sarah would do change the apparel industry
43:00 – What can people do if they want to help


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