| 21/03/18 | Written by Joshua Fields

E12: Peter Sjöstedt-H and Panpsychism

Peter Sjöstedt-H is a philosopher, metaphysician and the inspiration behind a Marvel superhero. He is the author of Noumenatics, a book which dives into the realms of nihilism and psychedelic phenomenology, and a leading philosophical voice with regards to panpsychism, the idea that consciousness itself is a part of matter.

In this episode, we discuss the influence of psychedelics on Western thought as well as his views on why panpsychism is a better explanation than dogmatic materialism for what underpins our reality.

You can check out his work via his Facebook page Ontologistics

And his personal website:

3:15 – What is psychedelic phenomenology?
4:10 – How Peter’s interest in psychedelics began
8:10 – Peter’s first psilocybin experience
9:00 – Pragmatism of psychedelics
12:15 – Impact of psychedelics on Western philosophy
20:15 – Psychedelics, eternal Forms and objective Truth
27:30 – Does the brain produce consciousness?
30:15 – Why is psychedelic phenomenology important?
33:25 – Materialism as metaphysics
44:20 – What is panpsychism?
49:00 – The combination problem
52:30 – Nonduality vs panpsychism
55:00 – Cosmopsychism
57:30 – Does nature have telos?
1:04:45 – The universe as a simulation
1:07:30 – Atheism and nihilism
1:14:35 – Impact of psychedelics on society
1:19:55 – Recommended philosophy book
1:21:00 – What happens when we die
1:23:00 – Advice to 25 year old self
1:25:30 – Marvel superhero


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