| 02/05/18 | Written by Joshua Fields

E15: Dr Margaret Wheatley and Civilisation Collapse

“When people’s minds don’t change through information, they change through violence”

Dr Margaret Wheatley is an author, systems theorist and management consultant. Her approach includes theories of change, chaos theory, leadership and organisational culture. She received her PhD from Harvard University with a focus on organisational and behavioural change, and has written 9 books and nearly 100 articles.

Margaret’s book, Who Do We Choose to Be, is a deconstruction of the patterns of civilisation collapse and a call to action for courageous leadership in a time of demise. In this episode, we dive into the factors involved in collapse, the progress trap, and how we can show up as leaders in these testing times.

More of her work can be found here:

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3:00 – What does Meg do?
7:00 – How is civilisation collapsing?
12:30 – The progress trap
16:50 – Complexity
22:15 – Why Steven Pinker is wrong
29:15 – The decline of sense-making abilities
34:45 – The breakdown of truth
41:00 – Mental health in society
49:30 – How can we show up in these times?


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