| 06/09/17 | Written by Joshua Fields

E3: Dr Rory Mac Sweeney and The Nature of Reality

What is the point of existence? How on earth did all of this coming into being? What is the nature of reality? And how will our understanding of a new ontology lead to a different world view?

If you like Terence McKenna, Alan Watts and the occasional navigation of the realms of the unconscious, you’ll love Rory Mac Sweeney.

Dr Rory Mac Sweeney is an avid explorer of altered states of consciousness. He holds a phD in genetics and his primary area of interest is lucid dreaming, using the dream state as a probe for investigating the nature of reality. This has led to him forging his own metaphysical theory of mind, the double edge self theory, which he discusses in his book, The Paradox of Lucid Dreaming.

In this episode we explore lucid dreaming, the nature of reality, religion, psychedelics and the future of humanity. It’s a super fun episode, and anyone with an interest in discussions around consciousness and reality should enjoy some of the content.

Rory can be found hosting and participating in consciousness-based conferences throughout London, and can be contacted on his home site at

2:30 – What is lucid dreaming?
4:20 – What are the benefits of lucid dreaming?
9:00 – Why you can’t stay still in a lucid dream
12:22 – Why do we dream?
16:10 – How do we know that animals dream
20:45 – Habit, novelty and adaptation
23:40 – The relevance of Jungian symbolism
28:00 – The difference between shamanism and religion
30:00 – Subject/object differentiation
31:25 – Experience of the nondual
33:10 – The implications of our ontology** (I feel this point is extremely important)
38:00 – When Rory fell into eternity…
41:10 – The horrible realisation of Self
43:08 – Why have duality in the first place?
46:10 – Living life as art
52:40 – Existence is inevitable
54:16 – The properties of the Hindu divine
56:38 – God and Love
1:02:15 – Panpsychism – is consciousness primary?
1:05:40 – Where will consciousness science go?
1:09:40 – How psychedelic plants would change society
1:12:15 – Drug laws are social negligence
1:15:00 – Religion knows its a farce
1:18:00 – Getting ahead in science
1:25:00 – Doing what you love is the whole point
1:28:30 – The passivity of Wu Wei


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