| 22/11/17 | Written by Joshua Fields

E8: Mike Lousada and Real Sex

Mike Lousada is the co-author, with his wife Louise Mazanti, of Real Sex: Why Everything You Learned About Sex Is Wrong. He is the pioneer of Psychosexual Somatics®, a body-mind approach to sexual wellness and has hosted workshops around the world on sex and relationships.

His psychotherapeutic influences come from many different schools, including Psychosynthesis, Body Psychotherapy, Bio-Energetics, Tantra and Taoism. He has presented Psychosexual Somatics® to the Royal Society of Medicine and the NHS, and is also on the faculty at Esalen, California.

In this episode we dive into Mike’s journey into working with sex, problems presented by his clients, Tantra, pornography, and the role sex and relationships will play in the evolution of human consciousness

You can read more about Mike’s work here:

5:00 – How Mike got into working with sex
8:15 – Tantra and tantric sex
9:55 – Why is everything we learned about sex wrong?
18:20 – Polyamorous relationships
24:05 – Performance and sex
28:30 – Porn
36:00 – How to bring sexual energy into the world
50:55 – Trauma in the body
1:00:15 – Suppressed sexual energy
1:02:15 – What surprises Mike about sexuality
1:04:40 – Orgasms
1:12:50 – Influential authors
1:16:00 – Advice to 25 year old self

(Please excuse the background noise – lesson learned for next time, it was just too nice a day to sit inside!)


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