| 12/12/17 | Written by Joshua Fields

E9: Dustin Diperna and Spiritual Practice

Dustin Diperna is a Harvard-educated religious scholar, global meditation teacher, and author of several books on spiritual development. He has worked closely with Ken Wilber over the last decade and is a practitioner in the lineages of Mahamudra and Dzogchen. He is currently teaching a course in technology-augmented meditation at Stanford University.

In this episode, we dive into esotericism, the construction of self, meditation, lucid dreaming, and the implications of spiritual practice on broader society.

Dustin is the author of three books – Streams of Wisdom, Evolution’s Ally, and Earth is Eden – and co-editor of The Coming Waves. He also hosts regular retreats with his teacher, Dan Brown.

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3:55 – Dustin’s story
8:00 – Exoteric vs esoteric spirituality
11:15 – Transrational experience
12:30 – Esotericism at Harvard
15:50 – Truth, beauty and goodness
18:20 – Social construction of self
21:50 – How to transcend sense of self
27:50 – How to articulate spiritual ideas
33:50 – The brain and meditation
35:20 – Advice to beginner meditators
38:50 – Transdual experience
39:40 – Lucid dreaming
45:40 – Systemic implications of spirituality
49:20 – Growth vs dominator hierarchies
54:40 – Advice to 25 year old self


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