| 06/11/17 | Written by Joshua Fields

E7: Dr Daniel Ellenberg and Masculinity

‘Intimacy’ = ‘In-to-me-see’

What does it mean to be vulnerable as a man? What might a new culture of masculinity look like? How can we better navigate difficult conversations with others? And how can we develop self awareness throughout life?

Dr Daniel Ellenberg is a psychologist, the president of Relationships That Work – an organization that supports people to create more emotionally intelligent personal relationships – and the founder and director of Strength with Heart men’s groups and workshops. He has developed resilience programs for NASA and is vice president of the Rewire Leadership Institute, an organization that helps individuals, teams and organizations thrive in the business world.

You can read more about Daniel here: and

Oh, and here!

6:23 – What is a men’s group?
9:15 – Why are men closed off?
14:50 – How to engage in vulnerability
16:30 – The components of truth
25:30 – Meeting anxiety with acceptance
28:53 – How to develop self compassion
33:33 – Humility and alpha wolf
39:50 – How do we develop the courage to speak truth?
46:15 – How to initiate a difficult conversation
50:30 – Using values to make hard decisions
54:18 – Inner strength of men
57:45 – Advice to 25 year old self


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